Our PPC Ads Agency Boosts Your Preformance

Do you want to develop your audience, increase your number of qualified contacts, or your online turnover? DML, PPC Ads Agency, supports you in advising, implementing, monitoring, and optimizing your paid search campaigns in order to achieve your objectives.


We ensure the feedback of your conversions and your online sales with an optimized tracking system

Search Engine Ads

We Optimize the performance of your Search Engine Ads - SEA Campaigns via Google Ads Services


We manage the performance of your keyword purchase campaigns with a synthetic & clear dashboard using data visualization

Social Media Ads

We ensure the implementation & management of your advertising campaigns on the most relevant social networks

Ads Training

We train you in SEM/SEA on Google Ads and in Social Media Ads, in order to understand the issues or gain autonomy in the management of your campaigns

Campaign Audit

We Analyze your accounts and campaign on advertising platforms to define an action plan

Ad Strategy

We define your media buying strategy on different advertising networks to optimize performance by listening to your objectives and understanding your business

Ads Management

We monitor your ads campaigns to ensure optimal ROI and adapt them to the opportunities and seasonality of your activities

Google Ads Services

Search channel settings:

• Parameter definition and campaign segmentation
• Identification of relevant keywords, long tail keywords & ad writing
• Setting up redirects and tracking tags
• Launch of campaigns
• Personalization and monthly reporting

Facebook Ads Services

Facebook Ads allow you to have a large and segmented audience

  • Demographic data: gender, age, level of education, relationship status, work, etc.
  • Geographic data
  • Centers of interest: centers of interest of the people to whom you want to distribute your advertisement
  • Behaviors: buying behaviors and activities on FB
  • Connections: reach people who interact with your Facebook page

Linkedin Ads Services

LinkedIn is an excellent channel for reaching qualified prospects

for B2B players. Advantages:

• Controlled budget
• Sharp targeting
• Increased notoriety
• Turnover developed