What is Social Media Marketing?

Social networks have a prominent place in digital strategies today. It is to offer a more comprehensive range of services to our customers that we have launched a Social Media Optimization or Community Management service.

The SMO aims to federate a community around the brand. Be close to the concerns and needs of customers and prospects. The end goal is to generate more leads for your business.

What is Social Media Strategies?

  • Start Using Chatbots.
  • Create a Personalized Experience for Your Customers.
  • Create a Community for Your Audience.
  • Use Brand Advocates.
  • Create Profiles on the Relevant Channels.
  • Establish a Social Media Budget.
  • Run Cross-Channel Campaigns.
  • Tell a Story by Going Live.

Manage Your Brand images and gain notoriety

A committed community is a gold mine in building your brand image, but also in its positioning on social networks. Animating your target audiences allows you to have direct feedback on your speeches and to be reactive to any bad buzz. Develop your notoriety by staying tuned to what is being said about your brand. Anticipate and redirect, if necessary, your communication thanks to Community Management.

Communicate about its offer differently

Social networks have become essential in the digital marketing strategies of companies. An approach that responds to changes in consumer purchasing behavior*, but also a dialogue that allows you to develop the creative potential of your communication, using various networks and media. Take the opportunity, too, to communicate your values ​​and highlight your employer brand through “Brand Content” type content.

Talk about its news and involve a qualified audience

Generate interaction and a certain feeling of closeness through community animation. Determine the tone and framework of these exchanges by entrusting their moderation to community management experts. A Social Media Agency can also guarantee the profitability of these speeches, in the implementation, use, and management of tools for managing advertising actions. Communicate about your news, your events, your promotions, or your partnerships while collecting crucial data for the optimization of the latter.

Increase traffic to your site and increase your sales

A social media strategy bridges the gap between your social media and your website. Creating campaigns allows you to include links directly to your store and, in turn, improve sales and traffic. Entrusting this task to an agency ensures you more global visibility on the synergy of the different acquisition channels of your site.

Our Social Media Process

Community Management is a complex profession that requires diverse and complementary skills. Our Social Media Agency has implemented an effective strategy based on our experience with the Web and Social Networks. Here are the 5 steps of our work process:

Goals Definition

“No wind is favorable for those who do not know where they are going”? Determining social media objectives is the first step in the strategy implementation process. Depending on your community management objectives, we will choose the appropriate social networks to best meet the expectations of your community.

In this phase, we will study the characteristics of your target: age, gender, interests, etc. to best adapt your communication messages.

Design an Effective Editorial Strategy

Creating a relationship with your community is the primary objective of the community manager . For this, an editorial strategy is essential. It will allow your brand to be recognizable on social networks.

In addition to a relationship of trust, the editorial strategy makes it possible to retain your community.

Social Media Acquisition

The larger your community, the more influence you will have on social networks. This is why we set up acquisition campaigns on Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook advertising is very effective in targeting and reaches many more people. We set up optimized campaigns to reach your target.

Animate & Engage Communities Successfully

The purpose of social media is to engage the community. Having a large number of fans but having no interaction with the brand is not very interesting.

To get interactions, you need quality content and regularity. For this, an editorial calendar is essential.

Performance Analysis

Measuring performance on social networks is a fundamental point. We provide accurate reports on the results of social media actions .

Metrics such as the engagement rate, the audience, the evolution of the number of fans, … are calculated and compared to those of your competitors.

Depending on your needs, we offer reports and adapted KPIs.